Houston, Texas, January 28, 2020 – Digital Consultant Marketing LLC (DCM) proudly announced their 6th year as a widely successful digital marketing firm specializing in delivering high-quality marketing services and a high return on investment for their ever-growing client list. 


This top Houston digital marketing agency has been perfecting their digital marketing services over the last six years including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, Content Strategizing, Reputation Management, and Analytics Management. Their growing list of clients are as widely varied as DCM’s digital marketing service, from professional canine breeders to popular nail salons and spas. Despite this wide variety of businesses, DCM’s clients all have one thing in common: an impressively observable increase in traffic, both on their website and within their business.


For businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings, DCM’s search engine optimization experts are fully equipped with the latest cutting-edge SEO techniques and strategies designed to permanently place businesses high on the most coveted digital real estate on the internet; Google’s front page. And, thanks to the advent of voice-command devices like Google’s Alexa, Amazon’s Echo, and Apple’s Siri, DCM’s SEO strategies are also paving the way for the latest form of search engine optimization – vocal searches. 


DCM has also created an unbeatable pay-per-click marketing strategy that prioritizes efficient advertising purchases that will guarantee maximum profitability. Their team of PPC analysts are experienced in not only creating digital ads designed to generate conversions and leads, their strategic analysis of the ever-changing ‘conversion funnel’ such as marketing trends, keywords, and ad placements constantly increase opportunities for stronger marketing results.


Ranking high on search engines is only part of DCM’s digital marketing strategies and services. When it comes to search engine optimization, content is still king. DCM’s team of content creators and strategists take pride in their ability to not only create high-quality, professional content but also in crafting a winning strategy for their clients’ websites designed to lower bounce rates and generate leads for their customers.


Another aspect of digital marketing is protecting business’ brands from negative consumer reviews on websites like Yelp. DCM’s digital marketing strategists also specialize in monitoring, protecting, and even repairing their clients’ brands when a negative consumer review threatens to damage their business’ reputation. DCM’s reputation management team hold to the highest ethical standards when employing their brand-protecting methods so clients can rest easy with DCM as their business’ first line of defense.


With all of these available digital marketing services, it is no wonder why DCM has enjoyed exponential growth during their six years of existence. If their growing list of satisfied clients doesn’t persuade, their results certainly should. With six years of successful digital marketing in Houston under their belts, the entire Digital Consultant Marketing LLC team is ready to bring their expertise to even more businesses for year seven and beyond.